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Texas man dies in rollover accident

A 25-year-old man died in Texas in a fatal rollover accident. The auto accident occurred when the man was unable to control his Honda Civic as he was driving on FM 1847 south of Arroyo City, Texas.

Investigators believe that the driver's car went into the southbound lane when the man lost control of his vehicle. He apparently attempted to correct this mistake, but his attempts to move back to the proper lane caused the vehicle to hit a utility pole and roll over.

Texas state troopers reported that the man died at the accident scene. The rollover accident caused injuries to a female passenger in the car. The passenger was taken by paramedics to a hospital in Harlingen, the Valley Baptist Medical Center. The hospital reported that the passenger has no major injuries.

The accident investigation is ongoing because the authorities do not yet know if this was a drunk driving accident. The driver, who previously served in the military, has a criminal record of assault related to intoxication and resisting arrest. He served almost two years in prison for intoxication assault.

A drunk or distracted driver can cause a terrible car accident, including a vehicle rollover. A car collision or other auto accident can have long-lasting consequences, including pain and suffering, serious injury and medical expenses. The victim of a car accident may be entitled to compensation for the damages suffered as a result of physical injuries. An experienced personal injury attorney may be able to assist an accident victim in dealing with insurance. Victims who do not receive sufficient insurance compensation for their serious injuries may want to consider a possible lawsuit against the driver who caused the car accident. An attorney may be able to help an accident victim proceed with a personal injury lawsuit.

Source:, "Alcohol possible factor in fatal rollover near Arroyo City", June 17, 2013

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