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Houston drunk driver involved in head-on, three-car crash

According to local news, a drunk driver veered into oncoming traffic around 2:15 on May 27, 2013, Memorial Day. The drunk driver's accidental lane change occurred on Washington Avenue near Snover Street, where it resulted in a head-on collision with another vehicle. The force of that collision pushed the second vehicle backwards into a third.

Drunk driving accidents are criminal offenses. Additionally, injuries sustained by drunk driving accident victims are often very serious. In fact, one of the two victims in the Washington Avenue crash was taken to a local hospital for treatment while the drunk driver was taken into police custody.

Because of the criminal nature of drunk driving, these accidents can quickly become complicated legal matters. In addition, since the offender is charged with gross negligence, drunk driving cases carry the possibility for punitive damages. Accident victims and their families know that injuries sustained in drunk driving accidents can cause financial hardship through missed work, medical bills and even permanent injury. However, neither the victims' lifestyles nor their families' lifestyles should be negatively impacted by a drunk driver's gross negligence.

Making sure that drunk driving accident victims receive fair compensation is the goal of lawyers who specialize in personal injury claims and drunk driving accidents. Due to the complicated legal nature of drunk driving accidents, those who seek to recover personal injury compensation may need legal assistance to keep the civil case separate from the criminal case. To expedite compensation that could be delayed by concurrent criminal procedures, victims may benefit from lawyers who specialize in drunk driving cases. Source:, 'Driver arrested following head-on crash on Washington Avenue." staff, May 27, 2013.

Source: KHOU, "Driver arrested following head-on crash on Washington Avenue ", May 27, 2013

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