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Dow Chemical worker chemically burned in workplace accident

A Texas worker for Dow Chemical was reportedly chemically burned in a serious explosion and later died as a result of his injuries. The man had worked as an operator at the chemical plant for more than 10 years and was changing the filter on one of the ammonia recycling units when the casing sealing on the unit exploded and sprayed chemicals and scalding hot water all over the worker with such force that he was sent flying backward.

After the explosion, the man was transported to the emergency room of the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston where his body had to be rinsed with hundreds of gallons of water to attempt to wash away the chemicals that caused the second and third-degree burns that covered over half of his body. The doctor of the Blocker Burn Unit laid a piece of pH paper on the man's skin, and it turned red, indicating that there was acid present on the skin. Now Dow Chemical could be facing a wrongful death lawsuit for the man's death.

The man's family claims that his death was caused by a gross negligence on his employer's part. The chemical engineer who was the man's supervisor told the doctor that the man was not working with anything more dangerous that hot water, but the doctor stated that he had spent five hours scraping something off the man's skin and that whatever he scraped off was caustic.

A wrongful death lawyer might be able to help the family members of the deceased worker seek compensation for his death. If they do receive compensation for their loved one's death, it could help them pay for his funeral and medical expenses as well as help make up for the lost earning potential.

Source: Houston Press, "Chemically Burned: Dow Chemical Tries to Avoid Hot Water in Worker's Death", Dianna Wray, June 13, 2013

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