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Truck driver kills police officer in tragic accident

Two Houston-area police officers were involved in a serious accident with an 18-wheeler on April 26th. One officer was seriously injured and the other died from injuries sustained in the accident. The two men had stopped to help a stranded motorist on Interstate 10. The motorist had been involved in an accident, and the trailer was in the left lane of the highway while the car was on the right.

An 18-wheeler traveling on Interstate 10 veered to avoid striking the trailer and inadvertently hit both the trailer and the parked vehicles. The accident is currently under investigation. Witnesses from the scene stated that the truck driver did not hit the brakes until after striking the detached trailer, raising the question of whether this accident was the result of truck driver negligence

At this time, there have not been any charges filed. However, that could change. In addition to a police officer dying as a result of this 18-wheeler accident, there were also four other people injured, including one who lost part of his leg. The trucking log will become part of the investigation as attorneys and law enforcement try to determine if there was negligence involved. If the driver had not been taking proper rest stops according to Federal trucking regulations, then he could face more serious charges up to and including vehicle manslaughter.

Trucking accidents often have tragic consequences because the trucks are so heavy, take a long time to stop and can cause serious damage. When you are involved in a serious accident like this, it's important to get all of the facts before determining if someone was negligent or if it was simply an unavoidable accident. An attorney can help you sift through the information to determine if there is any legal action that can and should be taken to prevent another accident like this from happening again.

Source: MySA, "Hill Country crash kills Pasadena officer", Brian Rogers, April 28, 2013 

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