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Michael Jackson's mom files $40 billion wrongful-death claim

As the eyes of the nation, including Texas, watch the Michael Jackson wrongful death lawsuit unfold, the public will sneak a peek into the pop star's very private life, including allegations of sexual assault and testimony from at least one of his children, who has mostly avoided the public eye until now. His 82-year-old mother is asking for $40 billion in the wrongful death lawsuit against the concert promoter that worked with her son before his death. She thinks he could have earned that much money if he had not tragically died at age 50. Another attorney expressed surprise at the extremely high amount she was requesting, especially when considering Jackson's debt load at the time of his death.

The judge has already rejected several aspects of the lawsuit, leaving the jury with only one charge to focus on, that of negligent hiring. Court documents claim that the company hired Jackson's physician so that he would not miss any of the tour. The doctor in the case has already been convicted of involuntary manslaughter for giving the singer medications that eventually led to his death.

The company refutes the charges by claiming that they were looking out for Jackson but that he struggled with addictions. The judge permitted the defense to bring up the molestation charges and reasoned that it could have played a part in the singer's drug use and mental health issues.

After a wrongful death, family members of the deceased may take legal action against the parties that they believe are culpable. In Texas, personal injury attorneys may be able to help people file lawsuits to seek compensation.

Source: The Daily Beast, "Inside the Latest Michael Jackson Trial-the One With $40 Billion on the Line," Diane Dimond, April 1, 2013

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