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Texas police finding drunk drivers with 911 calls

One way that police in Texas are identifying drunk drivers is from information provided to them by people who call 911. While this system is far from perfect,
it has been extremely helpful to police in keeping drunk drivers off of the road. In an effort to prevent a drunk driving accident, however, those who call to report a driver may be transferred multiple times as a drunk driver travels through different police jurisdictions.

These calls can take upwards of 30 minutes, especially since the DWI units of many towns only consist of a few police officers. Still, police departments encourage people to call and report drivers who are unsafe because these calls provide invaluable information about dangerous motorists. Since DWI units are often small, police cannot be everywhere, and callers make it much more likely that drivers who are under the influence will be caught.

The city of Irving received over 180,000 911 calls last year, and it is estimated that well over 2,000 of those calls were to report drunk drivers on the road. Operators manning the phones are well-trained to question callers and are able to relay this information to officers even in nearby cities.

Long wait times may discourage callers from completing their call, however, and many others never pick up the phone to begin with after noticing erratic driving on the part of another motorist, so many accidents still occur due to drunk driving on a regular basis. For those who have been in an accident caused by a drunk driver, they may find it helpful to talk to a personal injury attorney, who may help them file a personal injury claim to receive compensation for medical bills, lost wages or pain and suffering.

Source: KHOU, "911 calls from passing motorists help Texas police find drunk drivers," Teresa Woodward, March 6, 2013

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