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March 2013 Archives

Texas man killed in motorcycle accident

In the early morning hours of March 10, a 35-year-old Spring, Texas woman drove into oncoming traffic on Birnham Wood Boulevard. Her vehicle collided head on with a motorcycle. The driver was ejected from the vehicle, landing approximately 100 feet away. He was pronounced dead at the scene.The 42-year-old victim, a resident of Spring, was driving southbound near Riley Fuzzel Road when the fatal accident occurred. The motorcycle was destroyed. The woman and a passenger in her vehicle were transported to the hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries.

Texas police finding drunk drivers with 911 calls

One way that police in Texas are identifying drunk drivers is from information provided to them by people who call 911. While this system is far from perfect,
it has been extremely helpful to police in keeping drunk drivers off of the road. In an effort to prevent a drunk driving accident, however, those who call to report a driver may be transferred multiple times as a drunk driver travels through different police jurisdictions.These calls can take upwards of 30 minutes, especially since the DWI units of many towns only consist of a few police officers. Still, police departments encourage people to call and report drivers who are unsafe because these calls provide invaluable information about dangerous motorists. Since DWI units are often small, police cannot be everywhere, and callers make it much more likely that drivers who are under the influence will be caught.

Drilling can be a dangerous business

Since 2009, there have been 35 completed Occupational Safety and Health Administration fatality investigations into different businesses involved in the Texas oil and gas industry. Eleven of those wrongful deaths occurred at one of the Eagle Ford Shale oil and gas fields. The Eagle Ford Shale employs thousands of workers and offers them lucrative paychecks, but some question if the price of working in such a dangerous industry is too high.At the site of each fatality, OSHA found safety violations. Workers at drill sites put in long hours under extremely stressful conditions. The equipment that they work on and with is heavy and can be dangerous if not properly maintained. In addition, many drill sites are in remote areas. If an accident occurs, it may be too late for treatment by the time emergency personnel arrive.

Multi-car accident leads to apartment crash in Houston

When car accidents happen, property damage and injuries are often the result. Car crash victims who have incurred medical expenses as a result of their injuries or who sustained damage to their property may have grounds for civil claims to receive compensation for their losses.

Corpus Christi police say truck started collisions that injured 6

Because most truck drivers spend a great deal of time on the road, there is the risk that they become less attentive while driving. There are federal guidelines and regulations for drivers of large commercial vehicles, and drivers of municipal vehicles are also held to a higher standard of safety if they are to keep their jobs. In any case, even the slightest mistake on the part of a truck driver can have injurious consequences.