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Driver flees and crashes into Harris County residence

A driver who is suspected of breaking traffic laws may try to escape justice by driving away from a law enforcement vehicle at high speed. A chase then ensues, and it can end in a car accident in which there is property damage.

This happened on Feb. 4 in north Harris County. While no physical injuries resulted from the car crash that occurred after a police chase in this instance, the driver apparently evaded possible arrest by crashing his vehicle into a home and leaving the scene.

A Harris County deputy spotted a driver trying to pass a school bus unlawfully. Once the deputy attempted to stop the car, the driver fled. He then went on to hit another vehicle before colliding with the brick wall of a house. A water line was reportedly damaged, causing water to spew around the area of the collision.

According to police, the suspect -- a man around average height and weight with a tattooed face -- is said to have run through the local area as he fled the crash scene. Police sources also note that he was clad in a blue shirt and blue pants; they do not suspect that his vehicle had been stolen.

Whenever a negligent driver causes property damage during a hit-and-run crash, the owner of the property can obtain compensation for that damage through the civil court system. Anyone who experiences any type of property damage in a hit-and-run crash should be aware of their rights to compensation, including reimbursement for repairs or replacement expenses.

Source: ABC 13, "Suspect flees after crashing car into house," Feb. 4, 2013

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