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February 2013 Archives

Fatal explosion at Harris County plant under investigation

Accidents can occur at any workplace, though some professions carry more risk than others. When a fatal accident or serious injury does occur, family members are left with tremendous feelings of fear, loss and, in many cases, financial challenges due to medical bills and funeral expenses. A family facing such an ordeal is able to seek compensation through a workers' compensation claim or, if a third party is responsible, through a claim for wrongful death.

Woman suffers burn injuries in accident on Interstate 10

On the road, small mistakes and lapses in concentration can lead to tragic results. When a car accident happens, the probability of someone incurring a serious injury is quite high. In more tragic cases, lives may be lost due to the negligence of others.

Houston drunk driving accident kills pedestrian

Driving while intoxicated is a serious crime that can have a permanent and devastating impact on any involved victims. In some cases, a drunk driver causes the death of another motorist or a pedestrian. Anyone who has lost a loved one to a car accident caused by a drunk driver should be aware of all the potential legal options. The family of one man killed by a drunk driver in Houston knows this all too well.