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January 2013 Archives

Alleged drunk driver charged with killing 3 in wrong-way crash

Everyone knows, or should know, that consuming alcohol can impair a person's vision, coordination and judgment, making this individual more susceptible to having an accident while driving. A drunk driving accident, whether in Houston or elsewhere, can cause serious damage to the vehicles involved, as well as severe injuries or death. As a result of such a crash, victims or their loved ones may have grounds to pursue justice through a civil claim for compensation.

Houston driver charged with intoxication manslaughter

Driving while under the influence of illegal narcotics is a serious violation of the law. Just as it is illegal in the state of Texas to drink alcohol and drive, it is also illegal to drive while under the influence of drugs. When drivers using illegal drugs cause a car crash resulting in injury or death, the losses for the innocent victims and their families can be devastating.

Lead vocalist of North Texas cover band killed in fatal accident

Auto accidents can have devastating consequences. Those who are involved in a serious car accident may sustain debilitating injuries that can undermine their quality of life, or they may even be killed. Such misfortune is difficult to accept, especially if the injured party is not the one at fault.

Head-on collision in Texas leaves 1 dead

As family members and friends throughout Texas will tell you, auto accidents can have rippling effects on people not directly involved in the crash. Sadly, people's lives are pulled out from under them. In addition to the emotional impact of losing a loved one in a car accident, high medical bills and end-of-life costs often come rolling in. If the affected individuals are unprepared to handle these costs, desperation sets in. But they should remember that there may be legal remedies.