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December 2012 Archives

Jury awards $100 million in wrongful death suit

Any death that could have been prevented can leave family members devastated and in search of answers. It's important that Texans facing this kind of struggle know that legal remedies may be available through a wrongful death lawsuit.Readers in Houston will be relieved that three people accused of negligence in the 2007 death of a woman have been held accountable in civil court. The three were charged after the woman was found dead after giving birth to a stillborn baby. The woman's parents were apparently not allowed to see her, but when they did, they saw that she was on the brink of death.

Dallas Cowboy charged with manslaughter after car accident

A player for the Dallas Cowboys may be facing a wrongful death suit due to an auto accident he allegedly caused that resulted in the death of one of his teammates. The drunk-driving accident occurred when defensive lineman Josh Brent and practice-squad linebacker Jerry Brown were traveling through the Dallas suburbs in the early-morning hours on Dec. 8. According to investigators, Brent was speeding when he hit a curb that caused the car to flip over. When police arrived, Brent was pulling 25-year-old Brown from the Mercedes, which was on fire.

Texas Tech student, passenger killed in Abilene crash

Driver negligence can have a devastating effect on those it affects through auto accidents. When someone is injured or killed in a car accident, the knock-on effects are often long lasting. From high medical expenses to funeral costs stretching into the thousands, victims of negligence while driving and their families can be affected for years to come. Unfortunately, the families of victims in a recent Abilene crash are now dealing with this type of traumatic aftershock.

Veterans and wives file lawsuit after Midland truck-train crash

Houston residents have likely heard the news of a terrible train-truck collision in Midland, Texas. The crash occurred during a parade to honor wounded veterans. As a flatbed truck carrying veterans and their family members crossed a set of train tracks, a Union Pacific train struck the vehicle, killing four veterans and injuring 16 other people.