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November 2012 Archives

Fifty-car pile up in Beaumont results in numerous injuries

Heavy fog and holiday traffic ended in a 50-car pile up on Thanksgiving morning on Interstate 10 just outside of Beaumont, Texas. Authorities reported numerous injuries. Such a massive car accident is rare, but all accidents can have a huge impact on someone's life. A wreck like this will take a long time to sort out, but anyone who was injured should follow all the latest developments.

Texas man dies after his motorcycle collides with 18-wheeler

A car accident investigation by police is often key to determining who is at fault and responsible for any injuries. Victims of an auto accident may be able to seek compensation if it can be shown in civil court that the driver was negligent in his or her actions.

Heavy fog a factor in fatal Texas auto accident

When an accident occurs, it can sometimes be hard to determine who is at fault. Depending on the circumstances, a driver may be found to be entirely at fault or partially at fault. Factors like inclement weather can also affect the determination of fault in the aftermath of an auto accident.

Fatal Texas crash sends drunk driver to prison

On Oct. 19, a woman was sentenced to four years in prison because of a drunk-driving accident that took the life of another woman. The victim's family should have a full understanding of their legal rights to get the compensation they deserve in this wrongful death case.