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Lawsuit filed against doctors in tragic birth injury accident

During pregnancy and childbirth, doctors and hospitals are expected to provide quality care that is based on the patient's needs and health history. When doctors do not follow care standards for special conditions, birth injury can result. Depending on the severity of the situation, a birth injury can cause permanent disability or even death.

Texas readers will be shocked and saddened to hear of a recent lawsuit stemming from a Missouri birth injury that left the infant dead and the mother and father traumatized. Reportedly, the mother had been told at a February 2011 doctor's appointment that she would need a Caesarean section to give birth to her child. The infant's abdomen was apparently too large to pass through the birth canal.

However, when the expectant mother went into labor the next month at nearly 12 weeks early, the obstetrician on duty refused to perform the procedure. Instead, he insisted that they first attempt a vaginal delivery. He also refused the patient's request to go to another hospital that would perform the Caesarean.

When the infant, a male, could not pass through the vaginal canal, the doctor attempted to pull the child out by his head, resulting in an immediately fatal injury. At that time, the doctor apparently decided to attempt a Caesarean. After pushing the deceased child back into the birth canal, the doctor began the C-section before the mother's anesthesia kicked in, causing significant pain and distress.

This is a terrible incident of doctor error that no one should have to suffer through. To hold the responsible parties accountable, the parents are suing two doctors and two medical companies for wrongful death and personal injury.

Source: Medical Daily, "Doctor Beheads Baby in Grisly Botched Birth and Tries to Cover it Up With C-Section, Lawsuit," Christine Hsu, Oct. 12, 2012

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