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September 2012 Archives

Crash leaves 1 Texas City teen dead, several injured

While fatal car accidents are always tragedies, they are particularly heartbreaking when they involve young people. A serious car accident of any kind is a life-altering event for those who are injured as well as for those who lose a loved one. Injured accident victims or their families need to know that there are laws on the books in Texas designed to ease their pain and suffering.

Suspected drunk driver hits and kills pedestrian in Houston

Drunk drivers endanger everyone in the vicinity of their vehicles, including other drivers and pedestrians. Drunk driving accident victims have the right to seek compensation for their injuries, since accidents caused by drunk drivers could often have been avoided if the drivers acted more responsibly. A fatal auto accident in Houston earlier this month underscores the risks to the community that drunk drivers pose.

Police: driver 'highly intoxicated' in Houston wrong-way crash

Everyone knows, or should know, that alcohol dramatically impairs the senses, reaction times and decision-making abilities of drivers. Still, people drive drunk every day. Unfortunately, innocent people often pay the price, suffering serious personal injury or even death because of a drunken driver's gross negligence. Anyone who has been injured in a DUI accident should be aware that there are legal options to hold the driver accountable in civil court.

Driver charged in crash that injured 13-year-old

There should be no doubt that a combination of alcohol and road rage can lead to an extremely dangerous situation for anyone in vicinity of the drunk driver. As Houston residents know, alcohol often leads to reckless driving, including speeding and a lack of awareness regarding other cars on the roadway.