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Houston teen intentionally run over by ex-Walmart employee

In a bizarre case of what appears to be overzealous theft prevention, police say that a Houston teen was intentionally run over by a Walmart employee. As with injuries that happen as a result of what we normally call car "accidents," injury intentionally inflicted by a motorist can also be the subject of a personal injury claim.

According to court documents, the series of incidents started when the 18-year-old visited the Walmart in southeast Houston. The 33-year-old employee, a member of Walmart's Loss Prevention team, accused the teen of stealing from the store. The teen denied the allegations and exited the store. However, the employee got in his vehicle and began following the boy.

The teen says he noticed the man was following him after crossing a street. Shortly afterwards, the man is said to have run over the teen from behind in a nearby parking lot.

It is unknown at this time what, if any, injuries the boy sustained during the accident. Injuries in auto-pedestrian collisions can span the spectrum: from scrapes to brain injury. Sometimes these injuries require long-term care. If the man is found to be responsible for the accident, the teen will be well within his rights to hire a personal injury attorney and seek compensation for any injuries that may have resulted from the collision.

The suspect is no longer employed by Walmart, and at the time of a local news report, he was being held in jail on $30,000 bail. He faces a felony charge of aggravated assault. If the man is found guilty, that could certainly strengthen the teen's personal injury claim, should he decide to file one.

Source: KHOU, "Police: Walmart worker intentionally mowed down teen with car," Drew Karedes, Aug. 9, 2012

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