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Former Cowboys players sue NFL for brain injuries

In recent years, increasing attention has been paid to the immediate and permanent injury caused by high-impact sports. Countless professional football players and their families have come forward after discovering that compounding years of concussion and brain injury can result in permanent damage. Now a group of former Dallas Cowboys players, including Randy White, Bob Lilly, and Rayfield Wright, have joined other retired players and are suing the NFL for brain injuries sustained during their careers.

The lawsuit alleges that the NFL ignored the relationship between concussions and permanent brain damage, knowingly exposing the players to unnecessary risks and cognitive disabilities. The league is being accused of negligence and material misrepresentation, fraudulent concealment, negligent misrepresentation and conspiracy. The suit was filed on Tuesday in Houston's federal court and names 28 former Dallas Cowboys players as the plaintiffs.

Symptoms of long-term brain injury include depression, mood swings and short-term memory loss. Other players listed more severe conditions, including dementia later in life. The plaintiffs are seeking unspecified compensatory and punitive damages. This complaint is similar to the host of lawsuits filed against the NFL for brain injury.

According to the players, the NFL failed to protect players from brain injury which also lead to more severe and permanent damage. The complaint states that the NFL put the profits ahead of health and well-being of the individual player. The players also allege that the NFL continues to deny and dispute the very real connection between concussions and brain injury. The NFL maintains that the players safety is a priority and is challenging the allegations.

Source: Associated Press, "Ex-Cowboys sue over concussions," April 24. 2012.

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