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May 2012 Archives

Relatives sue Chrysler after death of Houston couple

Relatives caring for three orphaned children are pursuing a lawsuit against Chrysler after a tragic accident took the lives of their young parents. The federal lawsuit names Chrysler and the other driver in the collision as defendants in the lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court in Houston, Texas earlier this month.

Oil rig exemptions threaten workers and highway travelers

With gas prices at stake, the government has made certain legal exceptions for the oil industry to keep rigs productive and prices low. A recent report shows that the largest cause of fatalities in the oil rig industry is highway accidents, in part due to oil field exemptions from highway safety rules that allow truckers to work longer than drivers in other industries. This applies to oil rig workers in Houston, Texas and nationwide.

Organized trauma care could reduce disability after accidents

Traumatic injury after car accidents or falls demand immediate medical attention. A recent study shows that those treated for severe injuries at specialized trauma centers may survive with fewer disabilities than those at other hospitals. According to new research, patients fared better and even suffered less permanent damage when treated under "organized trauma systems." Under this arrangement, hospitals, emergency services and state government agencies have worked collaboratively to get patients to appropriate treatment facilities.

Landlord sued for party without permit, wrongful death of teen

The tragic death of Cyprus Springs student has left has parents looking for answers and wanting justice. After their son was killed in a Southwest-Houston foam party, the family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the property owner and resident of the home that was the location of the party.

Former Cowboys players sue NFL for brain injuries

In recent years, increasing attention has been paid to the immediate and permanent injury caused by high-impact sports. Countless professional football players and their families have come forward after discovering that compounding years of concussion and brain injury can result in permanent damage. Now a group of former Dallas Cowboys players, including Randy White, Bob Lilly, and Rayfield Wright, have joined other retired players and are suing the NFL for brain injuries sustained during their careers.