September 4, 2009: How Dare He!

President Obama is going to speak to the nation's school children on Tuesday, September, 8, 2009. He is going to indoctrinate our children! He is going to infect them with his vile message. He is going to speak to them about staying in school, making good grades, graduating and going to college. Who does he think he is? How dare the President of the United States talk to our children that way. I, for one, have not been this offended since JFK told us to "Ask not what your country can do for you, but, what you can do for your country."

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This ranks right up there with other truly despicable acts throughout history. Like when Martin Luther King fought for civil rights, how selfish was he. How about when John Scopes stood trial for the right to teach the theory of evolution, he was a pig. What about that selfish and self centered Susan B. Anthony, we have had about enough of people like her.

This argument is quite simply the silliest attack on any politician I have ever seen. First, to those of you who claim that the President is trying to indoctrinate your child, I feel the need to point out that you have not seen the text of the speech. Don't you think you should at least see the speech before you assign ill will to it? Second, the far right is playing you like a cheap fiddle. This is not about indoctrination; it is about a political party with no message. The conservatives are attacking everything in an effort to find anything to take hold. Stop turning everything into a political conspiracy. Many presidents have spoken to school children. Ronald Reagan spoke to college kids, George H.W. Bush spoke to secondary kids about drugs, George II, spoke to many a class during his term. There is nothing wrong with President Obama's speech about staying in school.

If you people would put away the fangs for just a minute you might see that he may in fact have an impact on some at risk children. Grow up and quit acting like babies.