January 9, 2010: It Must Be Re-Election Time

You know its election time when Gov. Perry announces big, bold initiatives. Last week he announced that he wants to amend the Texas Constitution to require a supermajority before taxes can be raised. It's too bad he did come up with this idea before he saddled every business in Texas with an income tax. I know he calls it a "franchise tax". Here's how the "franchise tax" works, every business in the state pays a percentage of its income over $300,000.00 gross to the state as a "franchise tax". He can call it whatever he wants that is an income tax. But I digress.

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It seems that every time he is up for re-election he comes up with a big bold initiative for the state. Four years ago he ran on border security. He held a big press conference on the border with every border sheriff. He promised the state that the legislature would appropriate money to be given directly to the border sheriffs to use on the front line defending Texas from the ravages of the illegal crossing our borders. He ran his campaign on the promise that he would close our border. Two weeks after he was re-elected he flip flopped and supported George II's guest worker program. His promise of tight border security was an election ploy designed to win votes on the hottest issue of the day. His flip flop two weeks after the election is proof that he never intended to follow through on that promise. Remember the money he promised the border sheriff's, the legislature did appropriate the money. Unfortunately, no border sheriff received any of it. You see after the election Governor Perry decided that the border sheriff's could not be trusted to spend the money wisely so the money was given the Department of Public Safety instead. Another election promise gone by the wayside. I guess after a careful two week post election evaluation our border did not need protecting after all.

This brings me to the current Rick Perry re-election initiative. What is the one topic on the mind of all Americans this year other than health care? Government spending. The Republicans, while ignoring the spending, stimulus or otherwise, of the Bush administration, have made the Obama stimulus and spending the issue for the election. Rick Perry seizing on that has come up with his plan, the super majority, to stop runaway spending in Texas. The only tax increase Texas has faced in recent memory was Rick Perry's business income tax. Oddly enough had we had Texas required a supermajority a few years ago our business would not today be saddled with the income tax. Do not be fooled. This is nothing more than another election ploy. There is no necessity for this nor will it benefit of Texas.

We have come to expect a high level of service from our government, both State and National. To accomplish that the government is required to raise funds from time to time. No one, I mean NO ONE wants to see their taxes increase, however, when it is required it must be done for the benefit of the whole. This super majority idea is bad news for Texas. If you think a supermajority is a good idea go look at what is happening in California. The California experiment with a supermajority has devastated that state. Why does Rick Perry want to saddle Texas with the same budgetary nightmares that California has suffered? Its simple- Rick Perry does not really care about you and me, he only cares about his re-election. He will say anything necessary to accomplish his re-election goal.

A super majority is bad for Texas.