January 30, 2010: It's Time to Support the Houston Dynamo

In 2005 The Houston Dynamo moved to Houston to Houston from San Jose, Calif. Since that time they have brought the City two MLS Cup Championships and won multiple cups. This is a winning team. If that is not enough, they are great citizens. The Dynamo have done a great job including children from all over the area into their games by sponsoring tournaments and giving free tickets to players in youth soccer clubs. Soccer is the fastest growing sport in the US. It's very simple, the Dynamo are good for Houston.

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This is why it pains me to see both the City of Houston and the Harris County governments dragging their feet on a stadium deal for such a worthwhile partner. In fact the Dynamo are not asking for a free stadium like the Astros, Texans and Rockets did. The Dynamo have pledged to pay $60 million to build a stadium. The thanks they get for that pledge is our city and county governments dragging their feet on providing money. The Dynamo have proven them a worthy partner.

Turning to the bad to worse file, a private developer, The Midway Cos., has approached the Dynamo about building them a stadium on a 30 acre tract in Bellaire. A deal that apparently considers no public finding. What's wrong with that? Well Bellaire Mayor Cindy Siegel objects to the project because it will increase traffic in the City of Bellaire. This project contemplates a stadium along with the development of shops, restaurants and homes. Mayor Siegel I have to ask you a question, have you lost your ever loving mind? The Dynamo play at times when traffic will not be a major concern. The location has freeway access from two sides. I would think the City of Bellaire, or any City for that matter, would welcome a development that will bring income, jobs and new residents. Perhaps you missed the news of the terrible state of the economy.

It is appalling that the Dynamo have to fight this hard to bring economic development and prosperity to our community. By the way, they left San Jose California in 2005 for only one reason; they could not get a deal put together for a permanent stadium. Let's not make the same mistake San Jose made.

The Dynamo are good for Houston.