January 2, 2009: Our Wake Up Call on Afghanistan

A group tied to Al-Qaida claimed responsibility for the botched Christmas day terrorist attack in the US. Our government now takes on the responsibility to figure out both how Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab got on a plane bound for the US and why he was not on the no fly list. The latter is much easier. We dropped the ball. This young terrorist's own father went to the US embassy and warned us to watch him. He told the embassy that his son had been radicalized and was a threat. What more do we need to know. He should never have been allowed to get on a plane bound for the US. If Cat Stevens can't fly why can this guy! The President ordered a review of the watch list system to figure out if we need to make changes. Here's one: When the father of anyone says his son is a danger to the US put that person on the list. Here's a second: When the father of anyone informs a US embassy that his son is a threat to the US, the embassy shall immediately inform the Department of Homeland security. I do not think that is too much to ask.

Figuring out how he got past security and how to fix it is a much more difficult problem. First, this happened in a foreign country. It is not easy to force other countries to live up to our security standards. Achieving that goal will be a financial headache. Security does not come cheap, as we now know. If we expect other countries to live up to our standards I suspect we will have to pay the freight on that. Money well spent. Second, he had PETN in his underwear. PETN is a putty type explosive. It will not be picked up by a metal detector.

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This event is our wake up call on the war in Afghanistan. The public is tired of war. There are those who want out of Afghanistan now. Christmas day was our new call to arms. We need to renew our fight, vigor and anger over terrorism. We need to get firmly behind the war in Afghanistan and support our countries effort there. This will not be quick. This will not come with out high cost, both financially and in lives, however, we have not stopped the terrorist war on the United States only slowed it. Until we can bring Bin Laden and his supporters here and try, convict and execute them we will not be safe.

I've said it many times; I am tired of the partisan bickering in Washington. It has become our only way of governing. The great partisan divide that has shaped our government is bad for our country. The Republican's chose a course of total obstruction in an all out effort to destroy the Democrats. This strategy may well get them their majority back, but at what overall coast to the country. The Democrats seem o be laboring on a domestic agenda and fighting over foreign policy issues, like the war in Afghanistan. Pay attention to what is happening out there.

Put down the swords and let's finish this thing before it gets out of control.