Aggressive Representation for Teachers regarding discipline matters, terminations and contract nonrenewal

No matter whether you teach in a public, private or charter school in Texas, your job is hard. No law firm understands this more than the lawyers at Tritico Rainey, PLLC. Tritico Rainey has represented teachers from every major teachers' unions as well as those who do not participate in a local union for over thirty (30) years. Our representation has included grievance hearings for discipline matters and probationary terminations as well as Due Process Hearings for term contract non-renewals and continuing contract terminations. Tritico Rainey has appealed teacher terminations to the Texas Education Agency and all the way up to the Texas Supreme Court and won!

Tritico Rainey has significant experience representing teachers at the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) and the State Office of Administrative Hearings when a professional educator is accused of child abuse or other violations of their professional standards. Tritico Rainey's representation does not stop there. Our firm has handled all aspects of discipline including certificate matters with SBEC. If you are facing the loss of your license you want the most experienced lawyers in Texas on your side. Whether you are dealing with issues within your school or with the State of Texas, it is imperative that you seek the guidance of an experienced education lawyer. Call Tritico Rainey, PLLC, at 713-581-8203 for an initial consultation.

Representation of Charter Schools and Public School Districts that are under investigation with the Texas Education Agency.

When a School District or a Charter School finds itself in need of a lawyer, they look to Tritico Rainey for help in wading through the administrative minefield. Representing school districts who are facing investigations and/or closure from the Texas Education Agency is a complex area of the law. In the present climate, the Texas Education Agency is constantly changing the Administrative rules to make it easier for them to take over and close school districts or charter schools. Tritico Rainey, PLLC has represented public and charter schools that are under investigation and/or facing closure. When a school is facing investigation, it is absolutely imperative to have representation as early as possible. There are important deadlines within the law that require immediate attention. Call Tritico Rainey, PLLC, at 713-581-8203 for an initial consultation.