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The Houston, Texas, defense lawyers at Tritico Rainey, PLLC, represent individuals and businesses facing criminal charges in federal court or under investigation by a grand jury for a federal offense.

From complex white-collar financial crimes to high-profile capital murder cases, we are prepared to provide an aggressive, skillful and persuasive defense against federal criminal charges in state or appeals courts. We will investigate the charges against you, secure and evaluate the evidence, and interview all relevant witnesses. Our record of success in federal criminal cases is due to extensive pre-trial preparation that goes into each case. At Tritico Rainey, PLLC. we strive to be the most thoroughly prepared lawyers in the courtroom, every time.

Committed Defense For A Range Of Charges

Contact our law office to speak with a Houston federal charges attorney about:

  • White-collar crimes: We've represented business people as well as businesses facing criminal charges and civil court cases for securities fraud, pyramid schemes, mortgage fraud, bank fraud, Medicare/Medicaid fraud and other financial crimes. We have defended banks and savings and loans based in Texas and in other states. When financial crimes lead to IRS investigations, we defend clients in criminal tax matters as well. Talk to our Texas mortgage and securities fraud attorneys for help.
  • Environmental crimes: Our firm has extensive experience handling large and small environmental criminal cases, including MTBE litigation, both from the prosecution and defense side of the courtroom. We are well-versed in the issues involved in oil spills, gas leaks and other sources of water, land and air pollution.
  • Drug crimes: We defend people facing federal drug charges involving interstate drug trafficking and smuggling of illegal narcotics as well as prescription drugs.
  • Immigration crimes: We've defended some of Texas' largest employers against civil and criminal immigration charges for improper documentation or unlawful hiring of illegal aliens. We have also defended immigrants against criminal charges.
  • Federal violent crimes: We've defended clients in high-profile cases involving crimes against government property, government employees and political figures.
  • Racketeering/RICO: We have defended clients charged with both racketeering and RICO in the past.

Federal Grand Jury Appearances

We have extensive experience advising people who have been called to testify before a grand jury, either as a witness or as a person of interest who may later be charged with a federal crime. If you have been subpoenaed to appear, it's extremely important to get legal counsel before you respond in any way. Even innocent people can find themselves in trouble for things that were said to law enforcement or a grand jury.

You do not have to testify just because you have been called. We can review your situation and advise you whether it is in your best interest to cooperate, to give oral testimony or written testimony, or to refuse to speak.


Federal criminal charges are extremely difficult to defend against because the government has extensive resources to bring to its investigation before charges are filed. But mistakes can be made in court that allow someone convicted of a federal crime a second chance to be heard. Our defense attorneys handle criminal and civil appeals.

If You Face Criminal Charges, Contact Our Houston Lawyers

For experienced, aggressive criminal defense, contact Tritico Rainey, PLLC, or call (866) 719-1434 or (713) 581-8203. We offer free initial consultations in criminal cases, accept credit cards, are available for evening and weekend appointments, and employ Spanish speakers. We are centrally located in the Durham Drive near downtown Houston inside the loop.