August 26, 2009: ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK!

August 26, 2009: ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK!

The GOP has adopted a new slogan. After loosing badly in two straight election cycles, giving up a solid majority in all three branches of government they seem to believe that there only way back to power is to attack everything. It matters not the proposal from either the democrats in the house of senate or the Obama administration they attack with out regard to the best interest of the country. They are flat wrong.

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The GOP lost its majority because they are out of touch with what most Americans want. Remember they spent most of the Bush presidency telling us if you don't agree with us you're a bad American. Instead of working for America they spend all of their effort working against the administration. That is not in the best interest of anyone, including the GOP. The GOP seems to be run by talk show host on both radio and television. How can it ever be in the best interest of the country for people in show business to shape policy? Don't abdicate you responsibility to the country in our effort to gain momentum. I say that to both parties.

I am offended at the way in which they have attacked the health care debate. Scaring the crap out of old people is not the way to debate this issue. There is a time for divisiveness and a time to put pettiness aside work for the best interest of the country. The GOP is still out of touch with the country and its overall needs. I have interviewed two republican congressmen, two democratic congress men and the president of the Texas Medical Association, all of them agree that the country is need of health care reform and we need it now.

Lets put aside the bitterness, stop posturing to gain the advantage for the next election, lets work together to accomplish what both sides agree we need and do something for the benefit of the country. The democratic proposal may not be the best overall fix; however, it is a start. Let's now work together to find the best solution to an ever growing problem.