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Federal and state heroin crimes in Texas
As heroin use increases Texas and nationwide, Tritico & Rainey, PLLC, continue to offer effective drug crime defense for individuals facing charges.

Undercover Video Reveals Possible Texas Medicare Fraud
With Medicare and Medicaid fraud charges on the rise in Texas, doctors and orthodontists in the state may need the experienced perspective of an experienced criminal attorney.

FTC Crackdown on Fraud Nets Texas Man and Online Business
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) aggressively pursues potential instances of consumer fraud in Texas and nationwide.

Texas Sales Tax Fraud
Texas businesses owners face stiff penalties, including fines and potential prison time, if convicted of sales tax fraud.

"The Chris Tritico Show" on News Radio 740 KTRH
Read Chris Tritico's essays on relevant topics in Texas law.

Collision Course: When Criminal Law and School Law Meet , by Christopher L. Tritico
Read attorney Christopher Tritico's essay on school law and criminal law, examining the situation where a client faces simultaneous termination proceedings and criminal charges.

Eight Rules for Talking to the Press , by Christopher L. Tritico
Too many times lawyers tell me they will not talk to the press because they always get misquoted. Let me dispel a few myths...

Opening Statements , by Christopher L. Tritico and
Opening statement is one of those parts of a trial that lawyers tend to get lazy about. It is a crucial point in the trial as the lawyer is earning trust and setting up the case for later...

Building the Defense Through Criminal Investigation , by Christopher L. Tritico and Ron S. Rainey
It really does not matter what the charge is, investigation is essential in every criminal case. This is true even if you think the client will ultimately plead guilty...

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Even those with a 0.00 BAC may be arrested for DWI in Texas
If you ask virtually anyone about what it takes to be arrested for drunk driving, most people would tell you that it would be necessary to have a blood alcohol content (BAC) at or above the legal limit of .08 percent. However, under Texas law, this is only one way that a person can be arrested for DWI.

Supreme Court to determine constitutionality of DNA samples for arrestees
Is it a violation of your constitutional rights for law enforcement to take a sample of your DNA if you are arrested-but not convicted-for a serious offense?

Supreme Court to Hear DUI Case
The U.S. Supreme Court recently announced that it will hear oral arguments in the case of Missouri v. McNeely, which presents the question whether the Fourth Amendment allows police officers to order those suspected of driving under the influence to undergo involuntary blood alcohol tests without a warrant.

Petition Writ Of Certiorari US Court Appeals

January 30, 2010: It's Time to Support the Houston Dynamo
In 2005 The Houston Dynamo moved to Houston to Houston from San Jose, Calif. Since that time they have brought the City two MLS Cup Championships and won multiple cups. This is a winning team. If that is not enough, they are great citizens.

January 9, 2010: It Must Be Re-Election Time
You know its election time when Gov. Perry announces big, bold initiatives. Last week he announced that he wants to amend the Texas Constitution to require a supermajority before taxes can be raised.

October 2, 2009: Governor Good Hair Strikes Again
Today the Texas Forensic Science Commission was set to take testimony in their investigation of the arson claim that sent Todd Willingham to the Death House. Willingham was executed for the murder of his three daughters who died in a fire.

September 16, 2009: ACORN's Time has Run Out
ACORN was formed in 1970, springing up from a former organization with a desire to assist the nation's poor in obtaining basic needs, food, housing and furniture.

September 4, 2009: How Dare He!
President Obama is going to speak to the nation's school children on Tuesday, September, 8, 2009. He is going to indoctrinate our children! He is going to infect them with his vile message.

August 26, 2009: ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK!
The GOP has adopted a new slogan. After loosing badly in two straight election cycles, giving up a solid majority in all three branches of government they seem to believe that there only way back to power is to attack everything.

May 22, 2009: Terrorism in our own back yard?
During the presidential campaign President Obama had a consistent campaign message, that he would close the Guantanamo Bay facility in his first year in office. Two days after his inauguration he signed an executive order doing just that.

April 26, 2009: Can we please stop robbing our children!
For too long the Texas Legislature has put education on the back burner. The proper and adequate funding of our public schools should be goal number one. Let's review. In Texas school districts are independent governmental entities.

January 2, 2009: Our Wake Up Call on Afghanistan
A group tied to Al-Qaida claimed responsibility for the botched Christmas day terrorist attack in the US. Our government now takes on the responsibility to figure out both how Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab got on a plane bound for the US and why he was not on the no fly list.

McVeigh's Lawyers Seek a Stay in Federal Appeals Court (6/7/2001
Attorney Christopher Tritico says he hopes the federal appeals court will see something that U.S. District Judge Richard Matsch didn't see on Wednesday when he denied McVeigh's request for a stay...

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